Mattia Corbetta

Photographer Biella, IT

I am writing these lines of presentation for one reason: love for photography.
I would like to introduce myself: my name is Mattia Corbetta, 30 years old, bachelor in Biotechnology in 2011.
The turning point in my life happened in 2010 when I discovered almost accidentally photography. From the beginning it was a warm and simple love in its expression but soon the fire spread taking a clear direction and filling my days of thoughts and creative ideas.
I love to press the shutter, feel the weight of the camera in my hands, the flow of the focus ring, seize the moment through the viewfinder; in my personal research I focused on people and I was enchanted by the perfection of the features of the faces and bodies, by the beauty of the gestures and the light that is reflected and is emitted from the eyes. Searching the perfect lighte and admire the clothes on the models. I know that at first glance may seem thoughts and concepts are abused but the simplest of truths.
In recent years I have tried to study, understand and learn the techniques and knowledge, as well as authors, to make the most of my shots, following my three veins: portrait, fashion and reportage.
I plan to continue studying photography, composition, colors, techniques and authors throughout the rest of my life.

P.IVA: 02631660020


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