John Oliver Photography

Editorial: Day vs. Night







Day vs. Night.
This editorial is rooted in the minds of three young creative, fueled by a passion for the new, fascinating and fantastic; a combination that fits with the theme and inspiration that we propose today: the much anticipated “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”.
The choice of designs and colors came from the filmography and from classic comics from DC Comics, in particular “The Return of the Dark Knight” by Frank Miller, “The Best Super Heroes” by Paul Dini and Alex Ross and finally by timeless classic "Batman” by Tim Burton.
Photography, fashion and make-up go into marriage with the characteristic features, not just the super heroes in tights, but also cast a realistic and intimate look into the lives of real-world counterparts: Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.
In each picture you can find an element that unites the “human” to the heroes, making them connected by a thin unbreakable thread; This vision emphasizes their abysmal differences, character and life style and creating an unbridgeable contrast so as to bring to an inevitable clash than expected.
Disordine e Creatività
Photography – Mattia Corbetta (aka John Oliver) Fashion Supervisor & Stylist – Tatiana Fusi Make-Up & Hair Styilist – Giulia Torta
Team for Day vs. Night
Models – Laura Cislaghi, Elisa Canella Assistant MUA – Georgia Rivelli Location – Agorà Hotel Biella